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Introducing the Miller GT6

The Miller GT6 fully automatic quick coupler design negates the need for a safety pin and can be operated safely from the cab. The Miller GT6 is fully cast from high grade steel to produce a lighter, stronger and more durable design.

The Miller GT6 has been designed to make engaging and disengaging attachments a lot easier. It is also a safer way to release a bucket or attachment as it is only possible to disengage the bucket in a controlled manner.

Heavy Duty Design

Specially designed to work in demanding and aggressive working environments the Miller GT6 fully hydraulic quick coupler delivers true strength, power and durability.

The Miller GT6  is built to cope with the most hostile conditions, giving you the confidence you need to know the job can be completed as planned.

The Miller GT6 operates with standard OEM buckets, rippers, hydraulic hammers and other attachments, dramatically increasing machine versatility with no costly modifications required.

Greater Productivity

  •       Universal fitting picks up buckets and attachments from all the world’s best known machine manufacturers.
  •       Totally hydraulic allowing quick and efficient changeover.
  •       Operates with a variety of attachments, including hammers, rippers and demolition attachments.
  •       Greater flexibility by working in both backhoe and face mode positions.


Absolute Safety

  •       Completely hydraulic operation from the Cab omitting the need for a manual safety pin.
  •       Hydraulic check valve prevents attachment from being released in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure.
  •       Clear visibility of the mechanical blocking system aids secure attachment.
  •       Integrated lifting eye.

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