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Custom Built Attachments

Looking for a custom-built earthmoving attachment?

With greater variety in standard bucket design than ever before, specialised buckets can be relied on for all manner of tasks, from channel clearing and grading to house building and quarrying. Where space is restricted, for example, a tilt bucket provides greater versatility and is ideal for side-angled trenches or landscaping works. With rock buckets for face or bank loading in mining or quarry applications, ripper buckets for heavy-duty excavation applications, and riddle buckets for sorting applications, there is a bucket for every application.

Miller | NGDF’s special application buckets offer solutions that meet the individual needs of the customer. With a wealth of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing quality buckets, Miller | NGDF specialised buckets are the ideal solution to some of the more uncommon on-site tasks or for unusual and challenging applications. Miller | NGDF welcomes all enquiries about specialised products and is always happy to offer advice and assistance.


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