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Meet Our Third Year Apprentice

Meet Miller I NGDF’s third-year heavy fabrication apprentice Adam Wilby. At the age of 18, Adam has been with the company for two years and has shown real progression as he continues to further develop his skillset in the repairs and refurbishment of earthmoving equipment.

As a classic British car enthusiast, even owning his own collection comprising six cars, Adam has always been very mechanically minded with a keen interest in understanding how things work and currently spends a lot of his free time repairing and refurbishing his cars.

It was this desire for fixing things, coupled with an interest in earthmoving equipment, that led Adam to joining the company – formerly known as NGDF prior to the Miller acquisition – whilst studying for his Heavy Fabrication/Boilermaker apprenticeship at Federation TAFE, located in Victoria.

Now in his final year, Adam is currently being mentored by our Workshop Supervisor, Sean Congo who recently relocated from our UK headquarters to our Victoria based facilities.

Adam said: “I really enjoy my job, being hands on and giving equipment a new lease of life. I have been even more motivated since the launch of the new brand Miller I NGDF, as there has been a lot of improvements across the business. Sean is a great role model and I have already learnt so much from him over the past couple of months and would like to follow in his footsteps.”

In the next few years, once Adam is fully qualified, he would like to progress his career with Miller I NGDF moving into a field service role. This will allow him take on a new challenge, whilst broadening his knowledge and skillset working directly onsite for our customers to deliver a reactive service.

At Miller I NGDF, our people’s development is very important, and we recognise the value of working with apprentices and providing them with the right knowledge and hands-on skills to allow them to be the very best they can be.

Good luck to Adam in his final year of his apprenticeship!

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