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Work Smarter Not Harder with the GTT

In stock, and available for quick delivery, our 180ᵒ fully hydraulic tilting hitch – known as the GTT – has been designed to be the most efficient and reliable on the market. Designed with end users in mind, and as far as we are aware, the GTT comprising a low-profile design is the lightest of its kind on the market.

Our tilting hitch transforms excavators from a digging machine to a multi-tool carrier. With variable pin pick up ranges, and universal connectivity, the GTT is ideal for multiple uses from reclaiming, cleaning works and retrieving scavenging through to drainage of channels, roadside maintenance and any environmental remediation work.

Here are just a few features of the GTT that allow operators to work smarter, not harder!


With clever design, our casting means there is less welding required whilst manufacturing our hitches, so no weak points in the frame. Built with high tensile steel, the GTT’s low profile design delivers a shorter pin to point measurement guaranteeing maximum breakout force for greater productivity and improved machine stability.

Developed with fewer working parts, this significantly reduces the chance of any downtime.


Sunk into the frame of the GTT for added protection, our actuator – known as the most reliable on the market – allows for the most powerful rotation and requires minimum maintenance. With a heavy-duty spiral bevel motor, this achieves full 90ᵒ rotation with no loss of power at full tilt.


The GTT model is based on our GTS which is very much tested and proven in the market in the most extreme conditions right across the globe. This is backed up by our rigorous in-house testing programme.


Our GTT range is built in Australia by our team of highly skilled experts in the field. We provide local tech support, which is backed up by our global knowledge hub.

We have the range already in stock, with no long lead times, meaning you can significantly increase your operations in no time. Fully supported by our Miller aftercare team, we also offer a 3-year warranty with our GTT range, delivering full peace of mind.

Want to know? Get in touch today by calling 1300 744 824 – 1300QHITCH, or alternatively, email us at info@miller-ngdf.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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