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We have a dedicated team of specialists focused on delivering a wide range of site solutions – from onsite inspections and monitoring, corrective and preventative maintenance to repairs and refurbishments – which help our customers to significantly prolong the lifespan of their equipment, increase efficiencies and maximise performance.

We do this, through working closely with our customers, either onsite, minimising downtime, or from our dedicated workshop facilities housing the latest state of the art equipment.

With design, technical and build expertise, we also have the capability to provide custom buckets, hitches and other attachments tailored to our clients needs.


Miller offers a free no obligation inspection service to help you reduce unplanned downtime.

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The Miller field service team comprises product support engineers, technicians and specialized experts backed by technical support through our product support centre.

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Repairs for Excavator Buckets, Hitches & Other Equipment

Miller offers a dedicated repair and refurbishment service that can provide a fast turnaround to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

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Custom Excavator Attachments, Buckets & Hitches

The Miller engineering department specialises in delivering custom applications, bespoke equipment and innovative attachment development to meet all your bespoke project requirements.

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